Aluminium Windows, Partition, Louvers

HG WINDOWS offers range of System Windows & Doors. Flawless designs, compatible hardware’s and right installation techniques make our System Windows the finest. Efficient design of our System Windows provides solutions for Cleaning, Maintenance and Proper Water Drainage Structure. Our range of design opportunities gives you freedom to custom-create the home and commercial complex of your dreams

Aluminium Partition, also called aluminium alloy glass partition, office partition, chat rooms, inter-regional, aluminium separator, glass screen, glass-frame partition, etc., is used aluminium profile as the frame, also known as the glass partition.

Aluminium louvers can be installed in a fixed system, motorized system or manual operable system. The aluminium louver systems at AFS International are specially designed to keep rain, sun, and heat outside. They can also be used to keep sunlight outside but still, let fresh air come into the building.

Advantages Of Using Aluminium Windows & Doors & Louvers:

  1. Lightweight and high strength

The aluminium alloy material is the thin wall composite section, easy to use, less weight, and the section has a higher flexural strength, the doors and Windows using aluminium has small deformation, durable.

  1. Good airtight performance

The sealing property is the important performance index of the door and window, compared to common wood door& window and steel door& window, the aluminium door & window has better performance of air tightness, water tightness and acoustic insulation.

  1. Strong corrosion resistance, easy to use and maintenance

Aluminium doors & Windows do not rust, do not fade, and the surface does not need to be painted, and maintenance costs are low.

  1. High strength, Good rigidity, Strong and Durable
  2. High value

In building decoration engineering, especially for the high-rise buildings and high-grade decoration engineering, if from adornment effect and air conditioning operation and annual maintenance integrated balance, the use value of the aluminium doors and windows is better than other kinds.

  1. Not faded, easy to maintain

The aluminium doors and Windows do not need to be painted, and the surface does not need to be repaired.

  1. Open and close light and flexible, noiseless
  2. Attractive appearance, a variety of colours available

The surface treatment technology of aluminium profile can satisfy different people with different aesthetic needs.