HPL Exteriors Facades

HPL (High-Pressure Laminates) are used for surfacing purposes. This is the surfacing material that gives luxurious, classy and unique appeal to commercial or residential space. You can find these laminates in different shades, styles, textures to suit the interior déco also. You can also find them in various style preferences. The HPL are used for many applications.

    1. Elevation and Façade Cladding
    2. Balcony Casing
    3. Fencing
    4. Partitions using hpl
    5. Railings
    6. Louvers
    7. Duct Covering on elevations
    8. Signage with HPL framing
    9. Pedestrian Shelters
    10. Roofing
    11. Soffits
    12. Prefab Huts using HPL
    13. For Gate And Shop Fronts