Lacquered Glass Cladding

Lacquered glass, with its shiny and colored surface, unites the brilliance of glass with colored lacquer to render results which suits the interior requirements.

Colored glass, when used in wall panels can add a fresh and warm tone to your interior décor. Lacquered glass by Glassxperts aptly adapts and fits into the modern panelling requirements.

Pillars are a lot more than just a source of strength. Apart from ensuring structural integrity, they also contribute to the aesthetic appeal of your interiors. Pillar claddings with lacquered glass helps a pillar serve both the purposes well and stand out.

Lift lobbies are usually utilized by multiple hands. Thus require a product that is demanding in terms of durability. Since lacquered glass can be easily maintained and dealt with in terms of fingerprint and other stains, they are ideal to installed in lift lobbies.